Notes of Observations

Notes of Observations I

Starting a series that you will hopefully find humorous! Basically I take notes on different things I’ve seen (or heard from others that cracked me up) and share them because…..why not? Let me know in the comments below what you think and I probably will do another one!

-Fire trucks are actually water trucks.

Image result for shocked gif

Think about it.

-Wouldn’t McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder be called a Half Pounder?

Image result for mind blown gif

-“Indescribable” describes it perfectly.

Image result for mind blown gif

-Why doesn’t McDonald’s sell hot dogs?

Related image

C’mon already!!!!!!! I know an ice cream shop that sells pretzel dogs. GET WITH THE PROGRAM MCDONALDS!

-Why are there no “B” batteries?

There’s A, C, D, E, and F. You can’t leave out the B battery.

Image result for how rude gif

-Why is the Lone Ranger called “Lone” if he always has his Indian friend Tonto with him?

Related image

SERIOUSLY! I haven’t seen The Lone Ranger, but I don’t need to see it to notice this irony.

-Why is there a disclaimer on the Allstate Auto Insurance commercials that says “Not available in all states”?

Image result for really gif

XD This could not get any better.

-Why do we sing “Rock A-Bye Baby” to lull a baby to sleep when the song is about putting your baby in a tree and letting the wind crash the cradle on the ground?

Image result for wince gif

Don’t get me started on “Ring Around The Rosy”.

-Why do we put suits in a garment bag and put garments in a suitcase?

Image result for disappointed gif

Maybe there should be 8 Wonders of the World…

-If someone who has their nose pierced gets a cold, and they take their nose ring out, does snot come out of the piercing hole?

Image result for disappointed gif

Make that 9 Wonders of the World.

What did you do think? Should I do another one? Let me know in the comments below your thoughts!






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